DREWNEX - wooden houses

Harsh climate of Polish Highlands forced people to seek shelter from cold winters. This is how they started to build wooden houses, which were pleasantly cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter. The house could breathe so there was a healthy climate inside. The special atmosphere, attained by the proximity of wood, was the source of vigour and energy for every day of the year. People who choose wooden houses show where their inspiration for life stems from – nature.

Wood has been used as a building material for centuries. Now, along with modern technology and wood treatment, having many ecological, biological and economic advantages, it returns as the most important building material for housing. Wood fits beautifully other materials like natural stone or glass, therefore blending modern technology and engineering with the warmth and tradition of wood makes it possible to achieve outstanding effects. It is this ability of merging tradition and novelty that inclines many to chose log houses over the brick and concrete ones.

Wooden houses produced by DREWNEX company combine years’ standing traditions of highland architecture with modern solutions. We draw inspiration from nature, so that our houses are ecologically friendly and have great insulation parameters at the same time. For the production of our houses we select the best timber from the pristine forest of Polish Highlands. All this ensures that the houses manufactured by DREWNEX company are sound, energy-efficient, and what is the most important – healthy. They guarantee comfort of living and relaxation.

We make all efforts to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers who value individuality. We create their house of dreams together – combining our knowledge of construction and architecture with the investors’ suggestions and requirements. The principal aim of all members of the team is the full satisfaction of our customers.